My Fourth Week MKMMA 2016

It’s been a very busy week, full of surprises. I am starting to understand the power and the wisdom contained inside Charles Haanel’s book.

I see some tiny changes in my life: I sleep better, I have less and less mood swings and I notice some very positive coincidences happening everyday: is it because I read my scroll 3 times a day ? Repeating « I can be what I will to be » many times during my day puts me in a state of exhilaration that I like very much, even if it does not last long: since it is good, I intend to make it a habit!

One interesting thing though: 2 of my chores were completed in record time, almost effortlessly and I was truly amazed by the quickness of it.

I don’t know if it’s the Law of Attraction  playing a trick on me but 3 days ago, almost out of the blue, a very important man that I had lost track of 2 years ago, called me and made me an incredible proposition that is completely in perfect alignment with one of my PPN: I keep my fingers crossed…

Anyway, I already feel a lot of gratitude for what’s happening right now in my life.



my third week with MKMMA

The main difference that I see in this third week of MKMMA is that I am now  fully aware of all the decisions that I have to make on a daily basis: It seems as if until these last few days I was like a robot doing its stuff automatically. Now that I find myself repeating myself  » Do It Now » more than 100 times a day, I have to think before I act and things seem to happen quicker. My chore from lastweek had already been done by my wife!!! It is amazing! I have to keep quiet and not tell what my next chores will be, otherwise one of my family member might be doing it for me. This journey is unbelievable and full of surprises. I wonder what is going to happen next week…

My impressions on week 2 of MKMMA

My second week with the MKMMA program is really special : time is definitely taking a dimension of its own. It seems as if I was experiencing 2 different lives at the same time.: when I read my first scroll 3 times a day and I read aloud my Blueprint Builder, time stops and I am really focused and in a moment that stands still. On the other hand, when I go about my daily work, I have the weird impression that time flies like an arrow. and I have a feeling of losing control of this time  and I would like to keep it for myself, even if I know that it’s impossible to do..

One funny thing though:  everytime I repeat aloud: » do it now » 50 times in a row,  I feel more energized and I decided to repeat this mantra 3 times a day today and I realised that I  got more things done than usual. I think I will repeat the experience tomorrow and this how it goes from there..

My first week on MKMMA

Hello everyone, I would like to share with you my first week in MKMMA: Lots of challenges, a feeling of great loneliness in front of all the multiple tasks that are required to complete.; a strange sensation that time is running too fast But also a mixed feeling of happiness when it comes to writing my first version of my definite main purpose. I want to share it with you.


My Definite major purpose (DMP) is to help raise the level of consciousness and responsability of 10 000 children in the world  by empowering them to have access to basic knowledge in primary schools:

In order for me to achieve this goal, I must and I will finance a worldwide project of building 100 elementary schools in different parts of the world where basic education is desperately needed by December 2020.

The reason why I want to see this project  completed before I die is this: we know that many children from all over the world become prey to prostitution, heavy drugs consumption, suicidal behaviours,hoodlumgangs and other bad things because they are not given the basic opportunity to learn how to read and write and their parents are too busy trying to survive on a daily basis that they cannot take care of their children’s basic needs. Anyone of these children has the right to become a responsible and active adult who can have a major and positive impact in their community and country in the future.

I am herefore in the process of creating my new a reality in which I am earning 500 000 euros per month with my Network Marketing Business by the year 2017 ( 29th of July 2017). The work lying ahead of me is clear:  I need to become a much disciplined man, full of joy, energetic, decisive, charismatic, reliable, full of good habits and mostly self-confident: in short, I must become a strong influential leader.

I will to attract the right kind of like minded people in my business opportunity and help at least 100 of them make an average business income of  50 000 euros per month.

I will also write a book in order to enlighten other people’s imagination and willingness to become active creators of abundance and prosperity around themselves.

I am already grateful and thankful to Life because I know that with God’s assistance and my completion of the MKMMA program, I am already in essence that kind of achiever and I am poised to enjoy a life of fulfillment, joy and peace of mind.